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Tours in Machu Picchu

is a adventure tourism operator located in the heart of Cusco historical capital of the Inca Empire. The company was founded in 2007 by local guides with the objective of quality excursions and tours in the Cusco region. As the years have gone by we have created a tight knit professional group of tour guides, cooks, porters, and mule leaders. They make the camping experience excellent.
To provide a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, we are always ready through the whole year. Machu Picchu Tours been lucky to have attracted the best guides throughout Peru. Our not only help you but introduce a sense of the amazing history of Peru and the cultures that inhabit it., to provide a rewarding and personal experience. Our emphasis is to provide a personalized service, and we guarantee that all of our clients will return satisfied.

We Offer Two Methods to Travel Peru.

Private Service permits you to travel with a Peruvian tour guide who will accompany you for your whole voyage. This option is very flexible for travel because the guide can help with you with whatever little thing you need. You can select the dates of travel, and you dont have to wait for your group to fill up. This is an independent way to travel but with the knowledge that everything has been reserved and taken care of ahead of time, and that you will have some one to guide you in ever point of your travels.

Group service where you will find the best prices. You can choose your dates and meet up with a group to undertake the tours that we offer.

Is this kind of trip for me?
If you are looking for adventure, mystery and loads of fun in your trip to Peru, be sure you are in the right place with the right people. Our tours include many activities like hiking, trekking, camping, horseback riding and rafting; also, jungle excursions and visits to archaeological sites and mysterious places like Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines. We also include home-stays with local families on one of the islands on Lake Titicaca.
We have a wide offer of destinations in Peru, from deserts in Ica to the Amazon jungle, passing through the Andean mountains. We also include beautiful and historic cities as Cusco, Arequipa and Lima.
Our trips aren't only to take nice pictures, we want you to have an experience of a lifetime in Peru, to explore the country and meet its people.

Why Tours in Machu Picchu and not another tour operator?
On our Private Tours you will travel with your friends and family only. Also, you will travel with a Peruvian tour guide who will assure you a stress-free trip. He will take care of everything; you will just enjoy your trip.
On our Independent Tours you will get flexibility, a customized trip for a great price, and the peace of mind that gives you to know that everything is booked and arranged for you, plus local assistance.
Finally, because we are based in Peru so you can be sure that all your money will go to help the local economy; not like the international travel agencies, with them a big part of the money never comes to Peru.

Why are Tours in Machu Picchu cheaper than the ones offered by international travel agencies?
Because we are based in Peru that means that our costs are lower than the ones of any international travel agency. The second reason is because we don't work on commission, we sell directly our tours.

Why should I take a tour when I can do it by myself?
At Tours in Machu Picchu, we understand the mind-set of the independent traveler. This is where our philosophy comes from and why our company was born. We offer the freedom and flexibility that captures the essence of independent travel but also take away some of the troublesome things about traveling on your own in a foreign country with a language that maybe you don't speak. We handle the hassles and offer the security of traveling in an organized trip. This way, you can travel more without problems and in a safer way.

Is this more expensive than traveling by myself?
Not necessarily because we get discounts on hotels' fares and other services as a tour outfitter which you cannot get by yourself. Of course, you can travel cheap in Peru, but, if you want a safe and comfortable vacation, with a good standard of service, our tours are your best choice.

Posted by tours in machu picchu on 2013/4/5 12:30:00 (7886 reads)

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