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Urubamba, one of our most popular rafting places, this journey along the Urubamba river, will allow us to enjoy the peaceful nature and the great adventure in this river. There will be rapids among II, III and IV depending the season.


In the morning a bus will pick you up from the hotel at 9 AM. They will drive you for 2 hours South of Cusco. Once there, you have to change, it's funny to see yourself and travel partners struggling to fit into a wetsuit, especially if you have picked up the wrong size. But don't worry, you will find a wetsuit that will fit you. Afterwards, you have to pick up a helmet, a life-jacket and a paddle, once you are ready, you won't stop laughing, you look so funny, definitely a Kodak moment.

Time to pull the raft to the river and to learn the commands. Once on the raft and far from the shore, the real fun starts. The river is smooth in the beginning, giving you the chance to practice the commands when the guide tells you, but don't worry, the bumps will come soon.
You realize soon that the river is getting rougher; it's time to paddle like a madman. Suddenly the rapids show up, and you will see yourself paddling into it on the guide's command. You will get soaked, even if you don't fall in, water splashes from everywhere, and it's cold, you will be glad that you are wearing the wetsuit.
After a group of rapids the river easies down for a while, giving you the chance to rest for a little while until the next one. The rapids are basically rocks and holes on the riverbed. Rapids are classified from I to VI, VI being the roughest. In the Urubamba river the rapids are class II up to III+, and IV when the river is high after the rainy season (December to March).
After two hours and a half your ride is about to end, I suggest, if it's a sunny day, to jump into the water and flow with the river. Don't worry, the guide will get you to the shore or back on the raft. It is always another guide on a kayak who goes next to the raft to pick up the people who fall, and also he will take pictures, this is great because back in Cusco you can buy a CD with all the pictures taken.
Once back on the shore, the same bus will be waiting for you. After dry yourself and change your wetsuit for warm clothing, you will have a delicious lunch. Then a good nap on the ride back to Cusco.

What is Included:
Transportation by private bus or van
Experienced Rafting Guide Class IV-V
Experienced safety Kayaker
All Equipment (life jacket, spray jacket, wet suit, UK Avon Boats, etc)
Training by a Professional River Guide
Experienced safety Kayaker
Lunch (Vegetarian Option), comes with hot and cold drinks
2 hours plus riding the Rapids

We recommend that you bring

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