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PISAC with extensive important arquelogical site a top the mountain with strategic views along 3 valleys and traditional typical market below;
OLLANTAYTAMBO to see the famous Pacarictampu and Inca princess bath fountain.

CHINCHEROS with his San Pedro colonial Church and extense Inca sanctuary
This tour is a superb way to see the impressive Andes mountains rising up from the Sacred Valley which contains Inca temples, residences, altars, channels, carvings, tunnels/caves and the famous Intihuatana in towns such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chincheros.

For those who are not so interested in architecture the famous Pisac market is possible to brouse in for a couple of hours instead of visiting the ruins of Pisac, so you can emerse yourself in the culture and take a bit home with you in a delightful weaving, painting, carving or almost anything you can think of. Let the guide know that your preference is too stay in the market and they will organise a time and meeting place on their return to meet up with you before continuing on to Urubamba
For photographers, the beauty of the local people in their traditional dress, surrounded by the Sacred Mountains is a treasure to capture in stunning photos as they go about their daily colourful life .


Every day (9.00AM-6.30PM)
We will meet at the Office at 8:30 am. Then the bus will come to pick us up and go toward Pisaq (50 min approx.), during the trip from Cusco to Pisaq we will stop at a natural viewpoint where we will be able to make out the whole Sacred Valley.
The Sacred Valley was undoubtedly a key area of settlement to the Incas; its combination of agreeable climate and fertile plains bestow an unusual abundance for the high Andes.
Later on, we will drive towards Pisaq typical market which is certainly the most famous handicrafts markets in all of South America and visit the archeological sight of Pisac 2,950 masl . At the ruins you can see a fine art of stone works and impressive agricultural terraces. After Pisaq we will continue our trip toward Urubamba place where we will stop to have lunch .After lunch we will continue driving to the archeological sight of Ollantaytambo 2,700 masl, an important Inca construction built during the Inca's heydays. This is an extraordinary Inca place where besides the ruins you may also see an amazing rock formation representing the Inca god Wiracocha. And finally we are going to visit Chinchero 3,762 m.a.s.l. Afterwards, we will return to Cusco arriving approx 6:30pm.

Private Transportation
English Speaking Guide
Buffet lunch

Not Included:
Tourist Ticket
You should buy the Tourist Ticket
Official Tourist Ticket = S/ 130.00 soles (Valid for 10 days to visit 16 sites )
With ISIC CARD S/ 70 you will use the same Ticket to do City Tour
Partial Ticket = S/ 70. Soles (Valid for 1 day )

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